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Your solid partner for growth

Energy transition has become a necessity, and we are here to accelerate it. While the industry looks at ways to make renewable energies more cost-effective, we contribute to making these profitable. 

We use our knowledge and experience to create software solutions that optimise the business processes of the companies that sell, install and service sustainable energy products.

We support your structural revenue growth by enabling you to work smarter and more efficiently.

Made possible by our Sustainable Business Platform.


Sollit Solutions

Our Sustainable Business Platform supports the growth of any sustainable installer.


Solar panels



Heat Pumps


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EV Charging Stations


About Sollit

We have been in the solar market for over 10 years as 2Solar and been helping 850+ installation companies in Europe streamlining their processes and generating structural revenue growth with our all-in-one operational software. 2Solar is soon becoming Sollit, the solid partner for the growth of any installer in the sustainable business.